Line scan systems are widely used for inspection of continuous material such as textile, paper, glass or steel plates, etc. They are also well suited for applications requiring extremely large resolution, high speed or for the inspection of cylindrical or rotating objects, that automatic recognition of relevant data marked on continuous objects such as containers, defense cars, trailers and trucks.

LonTrend LTEV15 is a model dedicated to support Line scan cameras for outdoor applications. The dimension, tooling and scanning parameters can be slightly customized to fit for various cameras from several brands such as Basler, Teledyne, Opris, Fluke, Xenics and Ximea, etc., This device is frequently acquired to support upgrading Line scan cameras deploying in critical applications such as ports automation, terminals operations as well as logistics solution such as warehouses, distribution centers and truck-parking facilities where robust and weatherproof protection enclosure with anti-corrosive coating and full cabling protection is critical to carry out the whole system installation successfully.

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