Elevate your security infrastructure with LonTrend's flagship surveillance model, the LTSU05 , designed specifically for the demands of smart cities. Meticulously engineered for optimal performance, the LTSU05 boasts an IP67 weatherproof rating and is custom-tailored to seamlessly integrate with AI, thermal, and optical sensors. This cutting-edge system sets a new standard for accuracy and high-speed capabilities, providing real-time, reliable data for comprehensive monitoring in smart city environments.

The pan and tilt speed of the LTSU05 are fully adjustable, allowing for a customized setup tailored to your specific requirements. Designed for both indoor and outdoor deployment, this surveillance system is the epitome of adaptability, thriving in challenging smart city environments. Equipped with an inbuilt wiper, temperature control mecanism, the LTSU05 ensures dust-free operation, ensuring clear visibility in all conditions. Ideal for various applications, including border security, defense installations, airports, railway stations, and smart city initiatives, the LTSU05 offers a comprehensive solution to meet diverse security needs. Elevate your surveillance capabilities with LonTrend's advanced technology, setting a new benchmark for excellence.

Optional Models: Explore additional options for dual-sensor surveillance with LonTrend's LTSU01, LTSU06, and LTSU09, each designed to complement and enhance your security measures within smart city contexts.

LonTrend Corporation provides high standard of customization support capability on wiring, mounting way, rotation range and speed, etc. Please consult with LonTrend Sales Team for project inquiries immediately.

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Specialized in industrial precision, Lontrend Corporation succeeds its culture and mission - anticipating and exceeding customers’ expectations, is leading the way in die-cast security devices with cutting edge innovations, superior performance and the broadest selection. Business started over 30 years, LonTrend is a Taiwan-based precision and manufacturing company. For more information about LonTrend Corporation, please visit our website www.lontrend.com.

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