Company Overview

LonTrend is a new brand officially registered in 2012 focused exclusively on the design and manufacturing of camera housings, pan tilt units and IR illuminators, however our position and die-casting business has started since 1985. With strong research and development background and capability, LonTrend aims to comprehensively meet your security needs in the simplest manner possible.

How Can We Help You

For Manufacturer

LonTrend built its strong foundation from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)/Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) business. We also make a point of listening carefully to our customers’ needs, applying what we learn to develop and design outstanding new products and a culture of exceptional service.

For Distributor

LonTrend offers a wide selection of products in order to fulfill maximum requirements of each customer. LonTrend product line can be adapted to high specified project market or to distribution oriented needs, while retaining the flexibility for future expansions based on our professional integration and customization support.

For System Integrator

LonTrend provides professional consultancy to help our partners achieve success in local markets. Our integrative skills with more than 30 years industrial experiences are constantly driving new innovations while our accumulated project references are rapidly earning our clients’ respect and confidence. From city surveillance, traffic, to harsh environment applications, our experience is your protection.

Our Commitment

LonTrend devotes all our efforts to anticipate and exceed customers’ expectations.

Service and Warranty

We are your reliable consultant.

LonTrend Sales team dedicate ourselves to providing best customers service. From product recommendation, project planning, to after service, all the possible issues relating to your purchase could be solved with single contact window to save your time. Besides, LonTrend establishes detailed service program. For most of the products, we offers a 3-year standard warranty from the date of purchase.

Quality Management

We are your strictest quality controller.

LonTrend implements full ISO 9001 Standards in manufacturing process to assure the consistency of quality. Besides, the whole production procedure including raw material stock level, production capacity and expected dispatch date are all updated real-time in our internal system. We aim to provide our clients with impeccable service, on-time deliveries and high quality.

Research and Development

We are your faithful listener.

Thanks to the intensive co-work of our Research and Development engineers and International Marketing team, we succeed in delivering good user experience like easy installation design and attractive product appearance. We do our best to meet the stringent requirements of our partners and also trend of today's global market.


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